If it was your life, you would do anything to save it.

Crooked Tales by Jennifer L Thorpe

I have no other choice but to ask my WP friends to help. Even if you cannot afford to donate to my healing journey, please share. That is all I ask, and maybe a prayer. I miss coming here and reading your posts and viewing your photos. But in honesty, I am distracted with trying to find a way to help cure the beast in me. Everything takes money. I wish that wasn’t true. But its the facts. I need roughly $1700.00 to start and complete the protocol with an alternative medicine. This is not some new fancy fad thing either. Just something that is not yet widely accepted. I cannot wait for the census to hop on board. I need a cure now!

Please share if you can. That would be much appreciated!

For donations, please visit :https://www.gofundme.com/zmbha23g

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