Golden Hues

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IMG_7988 copy

IMG_7993 copy

IMG_7991 copy

IMG_7971 copy

The gusts of wind blew stronger and the air became so much cooler. The cold front was moving in steadily. My eye caught glimpse of golden hues from far beyond the back, highlighting the maples that stood strong through autumn. I rush back inside for my camera clumsily I pop the card and battery in while my feet fumble the stairs back down. I scurry as fast as I can to the very end until I reach the woods lining.

I’ve made it just before the sun decided to rest along the hills as far as my mind can see. I played with the sunrays dancing across the leaves. It casts a shadow on the old worn shed, almost like it’s poking at me and begging for the frame. I snap a few times just trying to get it right. Managing to get a few shots to share with all whom needed some sunshine and warmth for your heart.


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