Weekly Photo Challenge: Double Achievement (IV)

As I sat on my rocking chair, with camera in hand, the little fella finally made his appearance.

IMG_4851 copy

He stealthily made his way through the high grass, poking his head up to see if I was still there.

IMG_4852 copy

He makes his way to the sidewalk.

IMG_4854 copy

Bravely, he hops up on the walkway. I notice something in his tiny hands.

IMG_4855 copy

He has a tender piece of heaven.

IMG_4856 copy

He became a little nervous.

IMG_4857 copy

But I guess he knew he could trust me. His belly was satisfied and it was time to wash up.

IMG_4858 copy

That day was a double achievement. The chipmunk achieved my trust, and I achieved patience.